The experience of Biotec Italy for facial and body beauty.
Renlive cosmeceuticals were created after extensive scientific research and practical clinical experience, to offer precise solutions for every skin concern. With innovative, high- performance formulations, combining the latest plant raw materials and high-tech actives, Renlive sets the highest standards when it comes to effective and immediate results. With hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested, free of sensitizing and harmful substances such as mineral oilsand silicones, Renlive cosmeceuticals work through an inclusive approach to improve every cell of your skin.


Sesderma are leading the way with ground breaking results and rewards for their skincare range. We stock Sesderma because of their superior advanced results and feedback from our clients. Once you use their products you will fall in love with your results.

The products are non-irritating, great for acne, pigmentation and sensitive skins. The best ingredients and technology to prepare and maintain your skin throughout any aesthetic treatment. Sesderma advanced is led by a dermatologist and a joy to use, speak to our practitioner today to get your individual homecare regime bespoke to you.

Arbonne develops world class products with botanicals and cutting edge science. Their mission is to always improve and evaluate their ingredient policy as an ever evolving standard of excellence, continuously challenging ourselves to do better and better

Arbonne is a natural Pure, Safe and Beneficial skincare range. It is Vegan- certified, cruelty free and free of nasty chemicals. This is the perfect skincare for those wanting to look after themselves and looking for a much cleaner toxic free life.