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Fusiomed Ice Body

Fusiomed is a multifuctional high-tech device that targets and helps with:

+ Excess Fat
+ Cellulite
+ Pre-post liposuction
+ Body Smoothing
+ Skin Firming

1 – Tripolar & Radio Frequency Shape
Through heat this targets the fatty layers below the skin and helps tighten tissue and increase blood flow to help fatty deposits to flush through your body, reducing the appearance of Cellulite and tightening the skin.

2 – Duoshape
Radiofrequency and low frequency ultrasound combined fors a vibriation and disruption of fibrosis and fat cells and eliminatied through the metabolism, thanks to the reactivated blood microcirculation.

3 – Cryoliposculpt (Fat Freezing)
Reduction of fat deposits thanks to the sequential process of intense heat and intense cold that is able to target only the fat cells. Since fat cells are sensitive to cold tempuatures than other cells, it freezes the lipids in the cells which then slowly dissolve without causing trama or injury to the surrounding tissue.

4 – Lipomassage
Specially designed suction cups help to increase metabolism of stored energy and promote lymphatic drainage.

Are the results Permanent?
Results achieved with Fusiomed are permanent. Nevertheless, the benficila effects given by the treatment will be influenced by your lifestyle. Remember, smoke, alcohol, stress and poor eating habits all interfere with the way our body looks.

How many Treatments do I need to have?
Results are visible after 1 sesssion due to multiple technologies in the same procedure. However the best stable results are visible in an average of 6-10 sessions.

Is it Safe? How long will it take to recover from the treatment?
This is a non surgical, non invasive procedure that does not require anesthesia. Some people experience mild redness immediately following the procedure, but this usually disappears fairly quickly. Most people find they can go back to work and continue with their normal daily routine immediately after treatment. You may be advised to use soothing skin formulations to minimize any discomfort that might be caused by procedure.

Who can have this treatment?
Adults in good shape with areas of unwanted fat. Good candidates are those who are physically active and adhere to a healthy diet.

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