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Fusiomed Ice Face

Facial Rejuvenation
Fusiomed is the facials technology that integrates different rejuvenation procedures:

Unique skin tightening procedure using vacuum and delivers radio frequency via microneedles leaving the skin healthy. The treatment increases collagen production in two ways. 

+ Microneedles cause microinjury with stimulates collagen production.
+ The Radio frequency heats the microneedles to create further skin tightening.

RF Shape Deep Volume
Heating only the deep layers of your skin helps to boost collagen which results in tightening.

RF Shape Superficial
Treats the top layer and mid layers of your skin in order to stimulate the body’s natural restoration processes, resurfacing and boosting collagen and elastin production, creating a rejuvenated fresh appearance

+ Superficial and deep lines
+ Sun damaged skin
+ Acne, acne scars and skin impurities
+ Enlarged pores
+ Rough and thickened skin
+ Hyperpigmentation

Is the treatment painful?
Generally, treatment with Fusiomed is not considered unpleasant. In some cases, and especially when Skintite is performed some discomfort may be present.

How long is the treatment?
30 minutes-45minutes.

How many treatments are required and how often?
Age and skin condition will determine the number of treatments required to achieve the maximum effect and realistic expectations. For most common skin conditions, a minimum of 6 treatments is usually required. A good result can be seen to texture and appearance after the first session. Best results seen when treated once a month.

Is there any down time?
Occasionally the treatment results in a redness to the skin that can last a few hours. Some sensitivity to your skin may show after the treatment. To protect and soothe the skin specific skincare formulations may be advised by your practitioner for homecare use.

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