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Skin Peels

What is a Skin Peel?

Skin Peels, are one of the least invasive ways to improve the appearance of your skin. The treatment technique involves applying a non-toxic chemical solution to the skin to remove the top layer of dead skin cells. This causes the dead skin to peel off (hence the name of skin/chemical peel) allowing new cells to grow and regenerate the skin, leaving a smooth and soft appearance. Here at POSH we  bespoke the treatment to your individual needs. We also use a revolutionary  skin peel that treats the skin inside out instead of outside in with an advanced safe technology  called Nanotechnology. The results  are  superior to regular skin peels  with no discomfort and no downtime.

+ Loss of skin tension on face and body
+ To make the décolletage area firmer
+ Acne scars
+ Acne
+ Enhance the radiance and luminosity of the skin. 
+ Improve the hydration of the skin.
+ Treat enlarged pores.
+ Reduce wrinkles and fine lines.
+ Mitigate recent scarring.
+ Make red stretch marks fade.
+ to firm and tighten
+ Remove age spots/sun spots
+ Supportive role in treating melasma and hyperpigmentation of the skin
+ Rosacea
+ DNA Damaged

When can I start?
You can begin skin peels from the age of 16 to help with acne concerns and overall appearance of your skin, However skin peels are for all ages above 16. It is a great skin health treatment ensuring a youthful glow or to treat any of the above concerns.

What areas can be treated?
Face, neck, hands, back and chest.

How long is the treatment?

How many treatments are required before the results are visible?
A recommended treatment cycle of 3 to 6 is advised depending of the severity of condition or outcome required. In some cases you may need more. Skin care products are provided to help prepare and maintain the results of treatment.

When Will I see Results?
Results vary from person to person. Our skin is unique and the condition being treated. On average, patients notice visible improvement in two to three sessions. However your skin will be noticeably smoother and firmer after just one treatment.

How long do the benefits last?
Patients who make a commitment to maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle following treatment along with their homecare products should see their results maintained. However, we cannot stop the natural aging and the environment that affects your appearance. Some patients require some maintenance every six to twelve months.

Are the treatments painful?
The procedure has minimal discomfort

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